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The mere act of your body and mind sailing effortlessly through all things physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and cognitive is your body saying, “I am happy.”

When your body is not happy it speaks to you by way of symptoms – a physical or mental feature – a clueyour body is asking for your attention and action.

The TAKE A CLOSER LOOK GUIDE is designed to get you out of your head and into your body, where the real shift happens. 


Your Starting Line

is where

Intention Intersects

with Change


The exercises in this guide arm you with the must know knowledge and tools, that extract the unique-for-you puzzle pieces that have the power to finally, identify and design the essential action steps that shift control to you.

By following the exercises, you shift into the driver seat, prepared to create the right-for-you strategy that begets command and ease.

You’ll discover how you can take a small yet mighty step in this very moment, spark a vital shift in your awareness, to gather the information that will make your body happy  - no more symptoms. 


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