Mission and Passion


 Mother/Daughter Dual Perspective: Your Power of Two

You have a clear vision for your life, your career, and your relationships, but something is in the way.

Something you can’t control. Maybe it’s a secret you protect and hide from others, especially friends, teachers, co-workers. You fear if they find you out, know you are limited because of social anxiety, they will view you differently, even limiting or avoiding extending invitations.

Maybe you were told that pharmaceuticals and talk therapy were your only options for taking the edge off, but the side effects are unbearable, or they just don’t work.

Maybe you were told, “You have to work harder to manage the anxiety.” If effort only matched results.

If all this sounds familiar, then you are in the right place.

Social anxiety is debilitating, exhausting, and prevents us from the relationships, career, and life we know we’re capable of. Years ago, that’s where we were; my daughter struggling to live well and me, struggling to help her– each in a dark place with little light ahead. With research, observation, I applied what I studied, what I observed, what I learned, and I found holistic, simple answers that worked to flip Jenna's social anxiety on its side, giving her a chance to live life on her terms!

Today, our number one mission is reaching back into that space of social anxiety and leading others to the life they are meant to live.

At Jenna and Her Mom Coaching & Training, you will find combined deep empathy and functional medicine principles to uncover and alleviate your social anxiety. It’s all rooted in science and experience – a firm understanding of body, mind, and spirit and how paying close attention will release anxiety's hold on you.

The Social Anxiety on Its Side™ workshops and LimitlessYOU™ coaching system were developed to change minds and lives by exposing what drives the waves of anxiety and overwhelm by teaching, supporting, and guiding the practical, easy lifestyle habits that make things simple again, for many, the first time.

We have felt what you’ve felt. We have lived what you are living. The LimitlessYOU Coaching & Training provides a safe place for you to learn, grow, know health and holistic real treatment options that you have probably not heard of yet, so that you, or the loved one you are championing, can feel like themself again, or like my daughter, the real her for the first time.

Through coaching, you are gently guided toward identifying best options, steps, new habits and holistic treatments so you get the results you want and can finally live the life you crave. Psychiatric Pretenders are exposed, giving you an immediate upper hand. Nobody taught us. We are here so that you can know.

You deserve to live and enjoy the life you know is waiting for you. 

You will never again have to wake up to a noisy head, feeling tired and unmotivated throughout the day, or exert endless effort to show up only to be worn out trying. Instead, your body, your mind, your family, your work will thrive, all supporting your vision and your dreams.

LimitlessYOU™ supports you until your goals are met.

With Jenna and Her Mom coaching & training, you’re not alone. Together, YOU will succeed!

We Are Honored To Be By Your Side. 

~Jenna and Debbie