Meet Your LifeSTYLE Mentor... Jenna

The story of Jenna’s life is one of, well, storytelling.

Each chapter has led her to meet interesting characters and experience new things, but communication and inspiration is at her core.

As an English major at Aquinas College, Grand Rapids MI, she developed strong writing and editing skills, and honed her craft both on paper and on stage. This gave her the confidence to speak eloquently on small and large stages, using her mastery of language to deepen one's awareness and understanding of what is at the root of the anxious mind and body, evoke powerful imagery and elicit emotional responses. Each yielding its own power to shift control from living with limits to living limitless.

As she developed her love of telling stories, Jenna realized that she gravitates toward intimate narratives about personal struggles. Her own struggles and those she overcame, led her to co-create the LimitlessYOU™ system, a personalized plan that puts YOU in the driver seat.

This is the powerful and eye-opening training that every 21c century household should know.

The candid course breaks social anxiety's hold so that you can once and for all, gain control of your life.

Jenna shares her personal Psychiatric Pretender experiences, Pyroluria, Leaky Gut and Food Sensitivities so that the listener can understand that there is hope in breaking free from social anxiety. Fix your body and you fix your brain. 

She uses her training and experience to inspire people and support them with holistic treatment options outside the realm of pharmaceuticals or cognitive behavior therapy. As co-creator of the Social Anxiety on Its Side workshops and the LimitlessYOU roadmap, Jenna has been invited to speak to audiences all over the country, sharing her own personal stories with warmth, authenticity, vulnerability, and most importantly, a sense of humor.

Her “Dare to Never Settle” personal motto has inspired many an individual and family to trust and know that they too can step into the life they know is their's to claim…shoving the limits of anxieties to the curb.

When not helping others overcome their challenges, Jenna can be found working with her first love—words; editing, proofreading and writing copy for coaches, thumbing through the used section of quaint book stores, exploring Europe with family, enjoying improv performances or Shakespearean plays, or looking for the next adventure that will become part of her story.