Meet Your Coach, Debbie


Becoming a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach was never a whisper or single thought for career or passion. In fact, hiking, piloting, adventuring in Africa, sky-diving, a deep respect and enjoyment for nature, and a love for community and contribution were what guided my studies in Psychology/Communication, led to a twenty-year career in volunteer management, and an affinity for an Esthetician License.

But when western medicine failed in, not only addressing my daughter’s debilitating and failing health, ignoring her growing list of uncomfortable and threatening symptoms, a sense of ‘enough-is-enough’ hijacked my plans.

I did the only thing a mom could do – I got busy, searched, studied, and discovered a way that would liberate my daughter from limitation and losses, reversing her health decline, restoring zest and vitality.

Today, as a whole-living-coach, I am dedicated to showing others how to become the healthiest, most successful version of themselves through a laid back, comfortable, and easy, digestible manner.

The medical landscape today is messy and noisy with a flood of diet information and health protocols. It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed, flattening any forward momentum and weakening one’s confidence in ever meeting set goals.

I’ll meet you where you are in your health journey, support you with a compassionate ear, and set you up for success with tools and resources that work for YOU.

In no time at all, you’ll find yourself departing from the proverbial hamster wheel, enjoying your new, easy lifestyle habits that make things simple again.


I find that for most people, the starting place is in their story.

An objective, compassionate, listening, and curious ear is often the catalyst that highlights the root culprits and begins to clear the overwhelm, so you can get to the strategy for living easier. My joy is in witnessing clients step out of limitation and begin to feel better and healthier, living and enjoying life again, for some, it is for the first time.

Engaged in a wide-lens view of successful modalities, through a co-created, personal roadmap, identified resources, and your own chosen level of investment, you can implement the right-for-you strategy that will move you from here to there on your terms, cultivating a lifestyle and freedom of health.

I love my work; I love hearing stories and would be honored to hear yours. 

See you in the coaching room!