Give the Gift of Coaching! (eGift Options)

Let's Coach That eGift 

Solution-Focused Coaching that enriches lives…
one hour at a time.

 Show them how much you care by
giving the gift of clarity - CHANGE A LIFE!

>> Are anxiety and panic attacks wreaking havoc on your loved one's life? Are they stuck in uncertainty, unable to make decisions, unable to develop passions, career, or relationships? Does social anxiety show up and thwart the things they want to attend or show up for? Let's Coach that!

>> Is the teen in your life nervous attending college classes or living in dorms? Are they uncertain about what to major in or how to arrange their schedule for success? Are they anxious about how to balance school, work, and a social life, all while trying to navigate unfamiliar surroundings? Let's Coach that!

>> Does someone you care about become irritable, stressed, and increasingly anxious during transitions? Small transitions, like coming home from a trip away? Or large transitions, like moving or changing jobs? Let's Coach that!

>> Is an employee or colleague struggling with chronic fatigue or anxiety and finding it impossible to unlock their energy and focus for a better future? Let's Coach that!


Need a unique gift for a loved one, friend, or colleague? For a birthday, anniversary, or thinking of you?

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for a struggling employee?

Do you want to deliver a thoughtful appreciation to someone?

Looking to send a personal gift that will make a lasting difference in someone's life? 


This Solution-Focused eGift says "I care about you"!



OPTION 1 (BEST VALUE): Three One-Hour sessions of Solution-Focused Coaching.

Your giftee will take a deep dive into sorting out where they are vs. where they want to be, identifying what is holding them back, and generating defined steps for how to achieve their dreams and goals. They will know clarity and growth, and embrace positive change within this powerful 180-minute coaching model. 

  • $249.00 for three (60) minute sessions
  • The favored approach to get things moving again - or for many, for the first time. 


OPTION 2One-Hour Solution-Focused Coaching session. 

Your giftee will sort out where they are vs. where they want to be, identify what is holding them back, and end the session with clarity and defined first steps for moving in the direction of their dreams and goals. Jumpstart change with this 60-minute coaching model.

  • $110 for one (60) minute session
  • Known as the Place to Start Coaching.



Through story and exploration, we will make positive change feel possible and attainable!

  • Their preferred method for meeting: Private Zoom video conferencing OR phone call OR email exchange.
  • Clarity around the topic and area of life that is important to them.
  • A well-defined strategy with actionable next steps and identified resources that make things easy and doable.
  • An email summary of the session, action plan, and identified resources.
  • A Zoom recording of the video chat for convenience and continued support.



  • Upon purchasing, you will receive a short form to complete, giving us direction for sending your gift: their name, a thoughtful note from you, and you can even name the date and/or holiday you wish it sent for. We will do the rest.
  • Your giftee will receive your thoughtful eGift Coaching in an email.
  • They will be directed to a private client portal to schedule their session/s. It's that easy!


Every person holds so much power within themselves. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and then, the GREATEST things can happen.



  • Coaching is a dynamic and powerful tool that can be the missing resource to provide an edge in developing the confidence and skills to become empowered. 
  • Coaching is the catalyst for moving forward toward dreams, passions, and productivity.
  • Coaching moves stuck to unstuck. 
  • Coaching moves flat and uninspired to energized and hopeful.  

Oh, and don’t be surprised when your giftee thanks you profusely, as clarity can keep on giving!



Solution-Focused Coaching -

Three One-Hour Coaching sessions

$249.00 BEST VALUE

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Solution-Focused Coaching -

One-Hour Coaching session


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